Monday, October 13, 2008

World game

And still we are not done yet...

My country, my Queen

My queen visits my country.

As a Dutch man living in Turkey, the visit of my queen here is highly symbolic. First I should drop a note to other Dutch men and women who will be accompanying Her Majesty and thus visiting Turkey soon: Don't fear the taxi drivers. They are my best friends in Istanbul. They don't act like the “Taliban” – the common nickname for the taxi drivers in Amsterdam – instead they treat you with respect. Yesterday I took a cab; it cost me just 4 YTL and before I left the car, the driver told me to wait. Then he suddenly walked around to open my door. Yes, before my queen arrived in Istanbul, I was treated like royalty here.

More herreee and herreee

EU deal boosts trading in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam stock exchange went up fast after its opening on Monday morning, following the announcement of new rescue plans for Europe's financial institutions agreed at the weekend. Eurozone leaders meeting in Paris agreed to guarantee loans between the big banks and to put money into them, in an effort to stimulate lending.

In its first hour of trading, the blue chip AEX went up 5.6 percent to 272.46 points. MidKap stocks rose 7 percent to 407.89. Stock exchanges in London, Paris and Frankfurt all recovered over 5 percent on Friday's close. European exchanges nose-dived last week in response to the credit and banking crisis.

Financial shares went up most in early trading. Insurance company Aegon rose 9.3 percent, with ING bank gaining 8 percent. Trade in Fortis was suspended last week after the Dutch government nationalised its operations in the Netherlands.
Electronics company Philips gained 1.8 percent. Philips reported an 11 percent increase in net profit in the third quarter before trading began in Amsterdam this morning.

Exactly 100 days to go, yes, time to go

And here some old quotes:

There ought to be limits to freedom. We're aware of this [web] site, and this guy is just a garbage man, that's all he is." -- George Jr., discussing a web site that parodies him

"I'm a uniter not a divider. That means when it comes time to sew up your chest cavity, we use stitches as opposed to opening it up." -- Bush, on David Letterman, March 2, 2000. (the audience booed)

"I didn't -- I swear I didn't -- get into politics to feather my nest or feather my friends' nests." -- Bush Jr., in the Houston Chronicle

My Istanbul

My Beautiful Istanbul (turkiye) - The best free videos are right here

Day Opening - October 13

I'm not a big car fan, but a Lancia is something different.
This Lancia 1959 AURELIA CONVERTIBLE is for Sale.
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