Saturday, October 4, 2008

So much has changed...

What beautiful things are to be found on the internet. Take this website for example: it has an alphabetic list of films made around the beginning of the previous century. How wonderful is this simplicity!

What? Smoking causes cancer? Not in 1897!
Or follow your morning exercises with these boys...
(you need QuickTime)

Anyway, enjoy!

Cats! 2

A beauty from the streets in Istanbul

The verdict: guilty!

O.J. Simpson

Pictures of me...Istanbul 2 Oct 2008

Looking over the valley...

Just cooked an Italian/Indonesian diner....

Do the Dutch have now a say in Turkish banking sector?

Dutch government nationalises Fortis and ABN Amro

The government of the Netherlands is to take over all Dutch operations of financial services company Fortis. Fortis was the first European bank to fall victim to the credit crisis.

The Netherlands Central Bank bought Fortis Nederland and Fortis insurances as well as the ABN Amro operations that Fortis acquired a year ago, for 16.8 billion euros.
The move was announced on Friday evening by prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende, finance minister Wouter Bos and central bank president Nout Welling.

There is more.....

Day opening - October 4

Greta Garbo.