Saturday, September 27, 2008

Deniz Dili ve Edebiyatı

Deniz Dili ve Edebiyatı

müjde. gün döndü güle bakanlar
yaşasın! uzun yıllar var bahçeme
düşmedi kötü niyetli yaprak
Düşse de, yıkadım uykumda geceleri
yaktım koyu mavi çizgidendi direği
çürük, yelkenleri yamalı.

şimdi tüm ırmaklar denize!
kan, sinir uçları hepsi
böbrek taşları hep denize!

suya bakan yüzler gördüm
anahtarları iki kaş arasında
iki orman ortasından geçiyor yolları
kalbime. Kalbim susma sakın
bu çırpıntı, bu aşk!
Hey sevmesini sevdiğim…
Hadi denize.

The debate: is McCain an unguided missile?

I watched it, 'the debate'. If you look at McCain body language only two things were remarkable: he didn't look at Obama and second, he left the impression of a boxer, ready to give his opponent a hook. McCain and Palin makes the perfect couple, that of unguided missiles. Attack, attack, attack!

Turkey and Malaysia

Most of the time I agree with my dear friend Mustafa Akyol about the civil society. But lately, I feel that he miss the point somewhere. In his latest article he made some valid points, but one sentence scared the hell out of me:

"Some fear that we will soon become another Iran. Others worry that we will turn into another Malaysia (which doesn't sound too bad, actually).'

Here some info why I don't trust Muslim dominant societies!

Malaysia is a multi-religious society but Islam is the official religion. According to the Population and Housing Census 2000 figures, approximately 60.4 percent of the population practiced Islam; 19.2 percent Buddhism; 9.1 percent Christianity; 6.3 percent Hinduism; and 2.6 percent traditional Chinese religions.

Although the Malaysian constitution theoretically guarantees religious freedom, in practice the situation is restricted. Additionally, all non-Muslims who marry a Muslim must renounce their religion and convert to Islam. Meanwhile, non-Muslims experience restrictions in activities such as construction of religious buildings and the celebration of certain religious events in some states.

Despite being the supreme courts of the land, the Civil Courts (including the Federal Court, the highest court in Malaysia) in principal cannot overrule any decision made by the Syariah Courts; and presently are reluctant to preside over cases involving Islam in any nature or question or challenge the authority of the Syariah courts. This has caused notable problems, particularly involving civil cases between Muslims and non-Muslims, in which civil courts have ordered non-Muslims to seek recourse from the Syariah Courts.

A 60% dominace of 40% is a delicate case. Read more about this: V.S. Naipaul.

In the American Poor House: Bailouts for the Financial Wizards of Greed

The first presidential debate begins tonight between Barack Obama and John McCain. I don't think I'll watch it because afterwards we'll get plenty of pro and con commentary. You can hear the lowdown on CNN, BBC, university radio stations and a myriad of other radio and TV stations. Don't miss out on the locations and times of subsequent debates.

Great news, though, for readers who want the debate transcripts (in 5 languages) to analyze them or to carry around for all your upcoming confrontations. I have debates daily with people who are greatly divided about the upcoming elections. Good thing, I can research a topic!

So, today, I'm on my financial bailout of $700 billion dollars soapbox. It's costing me a lot of moolah that I don't have. What a great America where the American public pay the greedy criminals that catapulted us into the biggest financial doom and gloom since the depression, not to mention impact the world markets as well.

How interesting. Can you imagine you just robbed the citizens of your country and the judge says that's okay, here's your million dollar salary as a reward?

The Bush Administration and Republican Plan: Bail out the greedy monsters instead of fixing the problems. What's worse? The CEO's and senior staff of all these corporations will continue to run them. Is that like putting the fox in the chicken house? Stop the Housing Bailout!

Let's ask ourselves—better yet, let's ask the White House why they don't want to know how we got here, so we don't get in this trouble again.

Who's winning in this taxpayer bailout? Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan eloquently gave us the answer. One CEO in the bailout worked three weeks before the company went under and will be given $19 million—that's $7 million in bonuses and $12 million in salary.

Yep, looks like we'll protect the criminals, allow the incredible greed and the best part of this new deal, every American taxpayer gets to foot the bill, thus it's a taxpayer bailout.

Back in 1999, Bush decided to pull the plug on regulation and allow intermingling which left accountability in the dust for the banking, mortgage, securities and speculations businesses . This caused lots of accounting fraud with everyone making a profit along the way.

So, while the government should be literally crawling like ants to see how these corporations got this way and use audits and oversight to find out what happened, instead Bush produces a three-page bill to present to Congress.

Bush wants Congress to take this three-pager and just accept and approve it without any review and all in three days. This makes no sense since other bills take forever to pass or not.

There's a right way and a wrong way to do something and this time the answer is restore regulation versus deregulation and bring back the moral and ethical values America sorely lacks at this point in the game.

Maybe we should take some of that bailout money and build prisons to house these financial wizard criminals.

Vote Obama for a new America!

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