Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Turks, Kurds, Greeks, Armenians, Cypriots and more

After Kemal by Perry Anderson

This is a long story!

A speech at UCLA:

In a famous essay, one of the most acute self-critical reflections to emerge out of any of the youthful revolts of the 1960s, Murat Belge – a writer unrivalled in his intelligence of the political sensibility of his generation – told his contemporaries on the Turkish left, as yet another military intervention came thudding down over more than a decade of ardent hopes, that they had misunderstood their own country in a quite fundamental way.
[1] They had thought it a Third World society among others, ready for liberation by guerrilla uprisings, in the towns or in the mountains. The paradox they had failed to grasp was that although the Turkey of the time was indeed ‘a relatively backward country economically . . . and socially’ – with a per capita GNP similar to that of Algeria and Mexico, and adult literacy at a mere 60 per cent – it was ‘relatively advanced politically’, having known ‘a two-party system in which opposing leaders have changed office a number of times after a popular mandate, something which has never happened in Japan for example’. In short, Turkey was unusual in being a poor and ill-educated society that had yet remained a democracy as generally understood, if with violent intermissions – Belge was writing in the aftermath of the military putsch of 1980.

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Dutch armed forces!

Two Dutch gendarmeries while on duty protecting the Boss of the Netherlands...


More than 6 months ago I was approached by a major international association to write ‘nice’ articles about Turkey. I promised to do so, but never did it actually. Not that I have a problem writing ‘nice’ about Turkey, but I spent too much time blogging. So, from now on you will not find any comments here from me about how nice Turkey is, and which direction it shall has to take, I only will write about articles from Turkey. And my original writings…they will be published in Turkey and throughout the world starting this week. And you will find them, integral here and there…and even here and there...)
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Steaming Ahead on the Obama Train

In America, we're down to 42 days to the presidential elections and it's neck and neck for Obama and McCain. So, the way I see it, Obama-Biden is the only choice. McCain already told us he wants more of the Bush policies which has plummeted the country into the worst collapse of our mortgage and banking businesses since the depression and one of the highest unemployment rates in years. While we had a large surplus of money in the coffers when Clinton departed, we now have trillions and trillions of debt to China and Russia and in the midst of two wars to follow the likes of Vietnam. Oh happy day!

Who wants more of that? I don't; and furthermore, I'm a middle aged female who also was a career military officer and typically don't vote on a party ticket.

Go check the real facts on both candidates on the website run by the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania to see what's true, what's false and who's telling little white lies or exaggerating the truth. Be informed!

Day opening - September 23

Dutch invented short selling in 1609

The practise of 'naked short selling' dates back to Dutch colonial times. Dutchman Isaac le Maire, a major shareholder in the Dutch East India Company (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC), speculated on the depreciation of stocks as far back as 1609.

The VOC was established in 1602 when it was granted a 21-year monopoly by the Dutch government to trade with Asia. It was the first multinational corporation in the world, and it was the first to issue stocks.
Le Maire invested 85,000 guilders in the company in 1602, but had become dissatisfied by 1609. The VOC had not paid dividends and stock-holders were not being given information about its financial results.

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