Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ICT ranking by country

An innovation-friendly culture, a steady flow of talent, advanced technology infrastructure, a robust legal regime, well-balanced government support and an open business environment are all vital factors that enable a country's IT producers to thrive. These form the basis of the Economist Intelligence Unit's "IT industry competitiveness index", in which the United States ranks as first in the world in 2008, maintaining its top position from the previous year.

Some important points:
-Sourcing talent will be among the toughest challenges IT producers will face in the coming years. The US, Singapore and UK provide the best environments for human-capital development among the index countries.
-Ecosystems similar to America's Silicon Valley—bringing together talent, technology, venture capital and good universities, supported by a risk-taking ethos—will remain the best incubators of IT innovation.
-The US, Australia and west European countries retain the world’s most effective systems of intellectual property (IP) protection and the most developed bodies of e-commerce and cybercrime law.
-To support the development of local IT production, policymakers' best efforts are aimed at improving education, skills development, and the financing and legal environments. E-government development and a proactive broadband strategy also help, as can calibrated support for innovation. Trouble often comes, however, when governments try to champion specific companies or technologies.

Turkey ranks 39, Greece 33 and the Netherlands came into the top ten, ranking 10th.
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