Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gul in Yerevan

President Gul of Turkey on his way in Yerevan to President Serzh Sarkisian. Picture made by Onnik Krikorian, a British journalist and photographer now resident in Yerevan, Armenia.
Turkey's President Abdullah Gul has arrived in the Armenian capital for a brief landmark visit that could mark the beginning of a thaw between Yerevan and Ankara, RFE/RL's Armenian Service reports.
Gul said before his departure in Ankara that he hoped his trip would "help lift the barriers dividing two peoples who share a common history," according to AFP.
The visit is the first to Armenia by a Turkish head of state since Armenia gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The two countries do not have diplomatic relations.
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Note: Turkey won the match: 2 -0

My little ramadan

I don’t fast. For the simple reason, I am not a Muslim. And if I was a Muslim I doubt if I was fasting now. Why? Because it doesn’t look healthy to me; you need a good breakfast, an excellent lunch and a light diner to have a good functioning body. And without water now for 15 hrs, it’s not good for one organ. People around me look tired. And often agitated. This is not healthy for the Mind. Especially in the traffic people are ridiculous aggressive. This week I was almost several times involved in a crash! And I noticed more and more SVU’s who think ‘the bigger my car, the more rights I have’. He, ‘when you give the monkey a Golden Ring, it is still a simple Thing’…

USA elections polls

Attending two major party conventions in back-to-back weeks in this era of polarized national politics was an unbelievable experience. The most dramatic period was obviously the 12-hour span between Barack Obama’s historic MLK anniversary acceptance speech and the stunning Sarah Palin announcement.

After yesterday's polls showed little sign of Republican momentum, today's polls -- which incorporate reaction to Sarah Palin's speech for the first time -- now show some bounce toward John McCain. You can fill out basically every square in the 'B' column of your bingo card with the national polls today: CBS now shows a tie; Rasmussen shows the race tightening to 2 points (down from 5 yesterday); the Economist shows it at 3 points, Gallup at 4 (down from 7), Democracy Corps at 5, and the brand-new, Diageo-Hotline tracking poll at 6.

Day Opening - September 6

Famous classic kiss - 6