Saturday, August 16, 2008

Festival guest Lowlands 2008

Festival guest of Lowlands the Netherlands.

Goodbey Mahmoud Ahmadinejad...

Iran was a nice country. A rich country. Until the Mullah's of Qom saw a chance to mobilize the population for a democratic Iran. In the end, Iran turns out to be one of the must cruels regimes in the world; torturing people who are not like-minded Shi'a (read: Baha'i's) and not allowing Christians (are there any left) and Jews (a tiny minority) to attend a university! And promising Israel the whip out of the map and more nonsense. A country with a terrible human and women rights record.
Iran was a nice country with a rich cultural heritage. And it doesn't have anything in common with Turkey. But Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insisted on visiting Turkey.

I am writing this down because I consider Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not only as a retard but also as a very dangerous idiot. His opinion about women, religion, science, knowledge, law etc. is disgusting. And his Holocaust denial is insane.

And he visited Turkey the last 2 days. And many people in Istanbul experienced it: traffic jams everywhere. I was sitting for 2 hrs. in in a standstill of a traffic jam in the heat of 34 degrees in my car since the main highway was closed to bring M.A. over to Palace Ciragan. What I don't understand is why they not used a helicopter? Was this because M.A. wanted to see some naked women legs.
Yesterday I cancelled all my appointments. Didn't want to take the risk to get again involved in delayed appointments etc.
Next to all this misery, I don't understand the Turkish people; M.A. didn't want to pay his respect to the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Ataturk. So, his trip was only to Istanbul. In my opinion an insult. You Tube is banned since some kids uploaded insulting video's about Ataturk, but if a president of a country insults Ataturk, nothing is done. Words can not hurt but by ignoring the protocol, M.A. and his malice regime is not acting as a good neighbor to Turkey.
An interesting web site about Iran is Plateau of Iran.

Day opening - August 16

The Jordan Valley
Photo taken by: Doron Nissim