Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Russian Propaganda

Russian propaganda!

Вот несколько фото, опубликованных агентством REUTERS. Снимки сделаны в Гори совсем недавно. На улице лежат трупы, кровь, страдание на лицах... На войне все средства хороши. Но чтобы использовать трупы людей, погибших... в обычной аварии (!) в качестве доказательств военных преступлений... Это так же бесчеловечно, как стрелять из «Градов» и «Ураганов» по домам мирных жителей!

En dit kwam eruit.

Hier sind einige Fotos von der Agentur Reuters. Fotografiert in Gori kürzlich. Auf der Straße lagen die Leichen, Blut, Leid auf den Gesichtern der ... Im Krieg sind alle Mittel gut. Aber die Verwendung der Leichen von Menschen getötet ... in einem normalen Unfall (!) als Beweis für Kriegsverbrechen ... Dies ist als unmenschlich zu schießen aus dem "Grad" und "Uraganov", um die Häuser unschuldiger Zivilisten! Poetin. Molenaar...

Simple: Russians get this info that a person died because a car accident. The facts: Russians fired some rockets.

Update Beijing 2008

Bronze for the Netherlands; Judo Women -63 kg WILLEBOORDSE Elisabeth
Bronze for the Netherlands; Women -70 kg BOSCH Edith

Only Turkey, Greece, and the Netherlands will be updated when they win a medal.
Greece, pretty successful 4 years ago in Athens didn't win a medal yet.

German news...

German's toilet paper, wrong, newspaper Bild is not my favorite one.
But sometimes, when you had too much wine the evening before, its simple to read... its for people with poor reading skills and a weak educational background according wikipedia..
And today they proved that the Germans are not always so organized: each German get these days a new sofi number which is some kind of combined ID/tax number. And what happened according Bild, a guy called William Jung saw his name changed into William Ficken (Ficken = Fucking) born in Hamburg, Kazachstan. And a German family saw that their roots where in Russia (father), Iran (Mother) and their son was of Spanish descent...
Why not change all the Germans of Turkish descent into 'of German descent'...
Fun these days with the Germans, which happens once in the 100 years..)))

Turkey's James Bond needed

Sometimes Its hard to believe what I read about the ongoing reports regarding the Ergenekon case.
This must be good stuff for a writer like John le Carré to write a nice script for a movie.
And maybe Turkey needs a 'James Bond' to reveal all what happened, happens and will happen.

Below the latest news:

Ergenekon indictment reopens gendarmerie major’s murder case

An investigation into Ergenenekon, a shadowy network whose suspected members are accused of having planned and staged attacks and assassinations for the ultimate aim of toppling the government, has prompted state prosecutors to take a fresh look at the murder of a gendarmerie major, a case closed as unresolved 15 years ago.

Malatya, Dink and Santoro murders

The investigation has also uncovered evidence linking Ergenekon to the assassination of ethnic Armenian journalist Hrant Dink in January of last year, the killing of Italian priest Father Andrea Santoro in February 2006 and the brutal murders of three Christians, one a German national, killed in the province of Malatya in April of last year. In all three cases, the perpetrators were uneducated, violent, ultranationalist young men. Lawyers and prosecutors have claimed obstruction of evidence on the part of security officials in the Dink and Malatya murder trials.

And the most tasty part of the article:

A master plan to create the ideal woman

One of the most curious documents seized during the Ergenekon operation is a file titled the "Turkish Woman Master Plan," depicting the ideal Turkish woman in the minds of the organization's administrators and methods to make the women in society closer to this ideal prototype.

The plan, which also lists the negative characteristics of Turkish women, says: "They are socially passive. They live in the past and have no expectations or confidence for the future." However, it also praises Turkish women, using almost literary language for their love of the motherland.
The plan to create the ideal woman makes the following observations about Turkish women: "The literacy rate of our women is very low. They have no economic independence. They have accepted poverty as an act of fate, and their personalities have been suppressed. They have no confidence. They are afraid to think, and they are in a state of laziness of thought. They are inclined to believe in superstitions. They are ineffective inside the family. They have no knowledge of our Central Asian roots. The properties of our matriarchal family structural have been erased from their minds. Their personalities are mostly cowardly or they don't care about others. They are under sexual oppression. Their religious preferences are under the influence of men."

The plan, which seeks to bring the Turkish woman to an effective position in the "social, political, economic, cultural and educational" spheres, also went into the indictment as proof of Ergenekon's social engineering plans.

Happy reading the article herrreeee

Day opening - August 13

Maslak, one of the many business districts of Istanbul.
This one I have to cross every day, and in the morning around 9 and in the evening around 6, it takes you one hour to cross this district by car!