Friday, August 8, 2008

South Ossetia under attack

While 205 countries are parading in Beijing under the motto 'One world, One Dream', Russia invaded late this afternoon the break away province South Ossetia (70.000 citizens) of Georgia.
Georgia isn't a member of the EU, nor of the NATO.
In an interview late this afternoon the Georgian president, sitting in front of the Georgian and European (?) flag try to drag the NATO into this conflict.

Just lucky

This morning I had to bring the car back to the Lancia car dealer which they gave me two weeks ago since something was wrong with the breaks of my own car; they had to order the parts in Italy which takes always some time, and therefor I get for the time being a car from them. Unfortunate I had a flat tire this morning and drove with Ozlem to the dealer. I got my car and they sent with me a mechanic to change the tire at my home. On my way back suddenly a police control. Okay, here we go: I didn't had the car papers in my car (was at home), no ID with me, and my (American) driver license was expired - I got my driver licence in Florida, and I can change it only to a Dutch one when I am more than one year away in the USA and a resident of the Netherlands again. But I never moved back to the Netherlands. And in other countries it was fine to drive with an USA license as long as you rent a car, so in the Netherlands. In Turkey, I had problems to change it to a Turkish one, since I was a Dutch with an American driver licence...
One policeman told me in fluent English that I had to do something since the other policemen wanted to take my car away. Anyway, the mechanic was friendly to help me out and told them that I was 'their quest'. In the end, the mechanic had to drive me home and I had to promise them, the policemen - all with a big smile - that on 'pazartesi' (Monday) I shall pay the traffic police a visit for a Turkish licence, which after one year in Turkey can be exchanged to a Dutch one...
No driver licence, no ID, no car papers, and the car papers are on Ozlem her name...and they let me go. Did I ever complained about Turkish taxi drivers and policemen? No, they are friends, and have a lot of very good experiences with them...and don't ask me if I bribed them, I didn't...

China is getting Ready

Olympic boxing

Olympic shooting

Olympic wrestling

Day opening - August 8

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