Monday, July 28, 2008

THE baby world

Being pregnant means being very very busy! Busy while you are pregnant means explore THE (sometimes weird) baby world.
And this baby world is huge!

The couple weeks I was very very very very very busy to explore this new world for me. An eye-opener it was!

I met, saw, bought and read new things.

Magazines about parenthood; breast feeding,delivery, fashion for babies and fashion for pregnant women.
Courses about (again) breast feeding and delivery. Yoga and gym for pregnant women and their partners.

Shops with lots of baby clothes.
Shops with fashion for pregnant women.

Baby superstores with stuff like; baby-carriages,baby phones, baby bath-tubs,baby bath thermometers,car seats,baby-chairs,baby beds,baby-soaps,baby lotions,baby oils,thermos in different baby colors,baby brushes,diapers and diaper bags, bottles,dummies and MORE!

While exploring I had to arrange a monthly nurse, buy childproof locks and try to be a fashionable pregnant women. Yes,I bought maternity clothes.

Suddenly..... I realized that in India or Africa pregnant women do not buy these “additional” baby stuff-things.
They just give their love, pay attention and feed their child. Because that’s what babies need.

And THAT is exactly what I’m going to give to my little darling. I put my fashionable maternity clothes away and get back to the real world.
The real world where I live and in the future with my family. We don’t need stuff to feel happy, we need each other’s love.

Now and always.

Day Opening - July 28

"Northern Reflections - Loons" by Don Li Leger.