Friday, July 4, 2008

Oups! They did it again...

The stone plaque you see is placed by the Skopjan authorities in front of the entrance to the building of the government of FYROM.

The plate, according to official information, has been found in the region Valantovo. The same officials say that they have found it in the "Macedonian" land; it is of Great Alexander's era and is an undoubtful fact that "justifies" their claims upon greek history and "proves" their "Macedonian" heritage...

That is totally fine with me! I believe they have found it within their national territory; but if you see more carefully, the plate is written in greek!

The Skopjan authorities - with no doubt, including Nikola Gruevski and Antonio Milososki, need a translator in order to read what it says! But for greeks... is just so easy!

What about "Macedonian" language then?

I feel like the author of the original post says that there is no need to use any other argument to support the greek point of view!

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The three monkey's

When F. Nietzsche was writing, he once asked him self: 'what are people feeling when they see them selves in the mirror?" "Do they feel unappropriated or do they start laughing?"
There is an old Japanese story about the three monkey's. One didn't want to speak bad, the other didn't want to see good and the third didn't want to hear bad things.
If you replace them with the 'sincere intentions' of the current Turkish political leaders, it must be easy for you to place them where they belong...we don't hear, don't see and never talk....

Day opening - July 4

The 4th of July in the USA.