Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boycott the Dutch...

A coalition of Jordanian media outlets, professional societies and political parties filed a lawsuit against Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders for releasing a short anti-Islam film on the internet in March. “Amman Public Prosecutor Hassan Abdullah has launched an investigation into offences directed by Wilders against the Prophet Mohammed, Islam and Muslims,” Zakaria al-Sheikh, who leads the “The Messenger Unites Us” campaign, told a press conference.
At the same time a campaign was launched in Jordan to boycott Dutch and Danish products over the film and caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed published in Danish newspapers.
In an interview with a Dutch newspaper Zakaria told that the goal of his campaign is to make 'insulting Islam' illegal by law. It must be on the same line as the denial of the Holocaust.
Our dear bigot didn't say anything about 'death wishes' against Jews and the systematical news terror against Jews in his tribal country and other Middle East countries.
In 10 years the oil fields there are dwelled up, lets talk then about a boycott against countries which are build upon hate against other religions...

Day Opening - July 1

Palm Trees on Martinique. Paul Gauguin.