Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spain Euro Champion without loosing one game

Torres just made 1 - 0 against Germany!

Why the Dutch love the Spanish and vice versa ..

Dutch National Anthem;

The Dutch text of the first stanza

Wilhelmus van Nassau
ben ik van duitschen bloed.
De vaderland getrouwe
ben ik tot in de doed.
Een prinschen van Oranje
ben ik vrij onverveerd
de koning van Hispanje
heb ik altijd geëerd.

The English translation:

William of Nassau, scion
Of a Dutch (Deutsche) and ancient line,
Dedicate undying
Faith to this land of mine.
A prince I am, undaunted,
Of Orange, ever free,
To the king of Spain I've granted
A lifelong loyalty.

Spain - Germany?

My prediction: 2-1, as I hope so.
What I expect? A boring match.
What I hope? 6- 5 for Spain, and that all their goals must be made in the the last 25 minutes: with the ritme of each five minutes one goal: 65 min. GOAL, 70 min. GOAL, 75 min. GOAL, 80 min. GOAL, 85 min. GOAL and 90 min. own goal by Lahm GOAL for Spain...))
Germans likes everything precise and on time, so beat them with that!

Spain won!!!!!! Ole Olanda..)) This promise some hot Dutch Spanish parties. Keep you updated...

Interview with Murat Belge

Lately I see a lot of Turkish professors of Bilgi universities been interviewed. Looks like that they keep their heads cool. Here two excerpts of an interview with Murat Belge.

"Islam may feature prominently among some AK Party supporters. Take, for example, communism; some communists wanted to bring about communism through a revolution but realized that it was not possible to do so in countries like Italy and France. They then decided to have Euro-communism through elections. Instead of a revolution, they decided to work in a gradual manner. So Islamists have also seen that when they assure the public that they do not aim to bring Shariah to the country, their votes increase. This gives them a message: "You promised not to bring Shariah, so we trust you and give you our votes." This is what democracy is about. But if you don't trust the public, then the public's votes do not mean anything and you deal with issues by using judicial organs or the gendarmerie."

"I would say that the case filed by the Supreme Court of Appeals chief prosecutor [Abdurrahman Yalçınkaya] seeking to close the ruling party is a pathological development. The closure case against the [pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party] DTP is also pathological. I would say that about the decisions of the judiciary in general. There is another example: I read a verdict of a judge who handed down a sentence on some writing in Agos. That judge quoted some writers who claim that the Armenian massacre never happened. There are also writers who claim that the massacre did happen. How can a judge quote only from writers who say it did not happen? We have numerous other such examples. What kind of objectivity can we expect from this kind of a judiciary?"

More hereeeeee

Murat Belge is a left-wing Turkish intellectual, translator, literary critic, scholar, civil rights activist and academic. He is the son of political journalist Burhan Asaf Belge and the nephew of Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu. He received his Ph.D. from İstanbul University in 1969. After the military coups of 1971 and 1980, he had to leave academic life and went into publishing left-wing classics through İletişim Press in İstanbul. Belge has translated the works of James Joyce, Charles Dickens, D. H. Lawrence, William Faulkner and John Berger into Turkish. Since 1996 he has been a professor of comparative literature at İstanbul Bilgi University. He also chairs the Helsinki Citizens Assembly.

Marilyn Monroe latest portret...

She is not dead yet...

Day opening - June 29

Two amateur pictures made in the centre of Buenos Aires, Plaza and Avenido de Mayo.
I love the trees..)