Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Real discovery of America

After a long journey, the weary European explorers catch a glimpse of land, far on the horizon. The men grow restless, as their ships slowly sail toward the coast. Images of rich lands and adventure race through their minds. Finally they disembark and set foot on America's pristine land for the first time in history. Two continents have made contact. Yet these are not Spaniards, commanded by an Italian sailor named Christopher Columbus. These are Vikings, guided by Leif Eriksson, arriving at American shores almost five hundred years before Columbus' momentous "discovery."
This is the story of the first Europeans who bridged the gap dividing two continents. These explorers, known as Vikings, were part of a rich and complex culture. There is much to be learned behind the facade of pirates and barbarians that has commonly been attached to them. More interesting is to learn about their way of life, their prowess at sea and exploration, and the way they, in the long run, enriched European history.
Shortly Leif and his men returned home. Two years later his brother, Thorvald, organized a second expedition to the newly discovered land. He and his men spent two years exploring the coasts of the surrounding area. They also constructed more dwellings. On one occasion they stumbled upon a group of natives, which the Vikings named skraeling, and a skirmish ensued. Thorvald was mortally wounded and became the first European to be buried in America.

More about Leif Erikson Day in the USA here.

After the match

Russian coach, the Dutchman Guus Hiddink makes a friendly gesture towards his fellow country man the Dutch national coach Marco van Basten after Russia won the match againt the Netherlands.

Last night the 'friendly' Dutch fans behaved not so friendly anymore and created a mess in Basel.

According some experts, the Slovak referee Lubos Michel made a mistake by rescinding the second yellow card for Denis Kolodin: 'Russia had to play with 10 people'.

Shockvertising Monks Tibet

I really love this poster regarding the recent protests in Tibet against the Chinese government’s occupation of that country; this beautifully done poster is self-explanatory.

Using the upcoming Beijing Olympics as backdrop, the ad hopes to shock people with the purpose of galvanizing public opinion in support of the Tibetan people.

source: trendhunter

Today's 2008 Euro Matches

Spain - Italy: 0 - 0 (4 - 2 pen.)
Next match Wednesday June 25:
Turkey - Germany: 21.45 EET (Semi Finals)

Day Opening - June 22

Yellowstone national park, USA.