Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today's 2008 Euro Matches

Italy - France: 2 - 0
Romania - The Netherlands: 0 -2
Wednesday matches:
Greece - Spain: 21.45 EET
Russıa - Sweden: 21.45 EET

Halal candy

The girls of Halal.

Jeremy Deacon is a smart British entrepreneur who is living and working in the Netherlands for many years: Unilever, Sara Lee and Campina are some of the companies he worked for. As a child, he lived in Malaysia for a couple of years and became interested in the Islam. Although not a Muslim him self, he started recently the company Marhaba foods. A company which produce halal cookies, chocolate and confectionary. All made with 100% halal ingredients.
As a marketing strategist he hired the 'Girls of Halal', pretty well known for their unorthodox and assertive approach of issues Muslims face in the Netherlands. Well educated girls, conservative and liberal at the same time, and full of humor. The girls are of Morocco origin but speak authentic Dutch with an nice Amsterdam accent. So, integration is possible....
No English web site available, but plenty on YouTube, not for us in Turkey.
I am sure Sandra and Eva know more about them.

Day Opening - June 17

Happy Birthday Sandra! 33 year!
With warmest wishes and special thoughts,
Love and Kisses