Sunday, June 15, 2008

Today's 2008 Euro Matches

Turkey - Czech Republic: 3 - 2
Switzerland - Portugal: 2 - 0
Monday matches:
Austria - Germany: 21.45 EET
Poland - Croatia: 21: EET

Islamic Republic of Hookers and Drugs Addicts

June 13, 2008 by Plateau of Iran

Recently, I had a few visitors from Iran. As usual we talked about the situation there, and they gave me some amazing accounts of what has been going on in the old country since IRI. It truly saddened me.
One of them was saying that he met this guy in Iran, who claimed to be a “disc jockey” & invited him to this really bizarre place in the north around Alborz mountains. There he witnessed bunch of girls dressed exclusively in the latest designer fashion outfits, all perfectly made up, and ready for action.

The disc jockey happened to be their pimp, and the girls were “high class hookers”, apparently, all well educated with university degrees, and mostly from quite wealthy families. According to this visitor, it has become sort of fashionable to be an escort/call girl in Iran.
I asked: “It isn’t necessarily a matter of poverty then?”.. He said, “oh, there are a lot of prostitutes who must do what they do to make ends meet, but, No, it isn’t confined to the poorer section of the society, it seems that it has become part of the recent culture or I should say sub-culture - well, at around $2000 plus, depending on what you want, these “exclusive high class hookers” can make a lot of money!” - I was too baffled to ask him for a menu and a price list, just for the record.

Another visitor, a lady in her 70’s, said: “These Mullahs know how to destroy and rebuild a culture. They know they have to do it from within and they’ve had plenty of time to do just that. Put a lot of incompetent & religious people in charge of different parts of the society and country, start at a young age, and make the girls and boys dependent (drugs for instance), keep things outwardly pristine e.g. wear the hejab, but teach them corrupt values, make sure they know they’ll only survive if they follow these corrupt values, and there you have an evil receipe for changing the culture and society at large.”
Now, I wasn’t there and can’t vouch for the veracity of what I was told, but have no reason to think that the visitor was telling fibs. In fact, almost every single Iranian person who has visited Iran in recent decades has told me similar stories about rampant drug and prostitution problems in Islamic Iran.

By the way, I had written about Sex Slavery in IRI before, but interesting to note that across the Gulf at a fleshpot dictatorship like the United Arab Emirates where 80% of the population live in abject poverty, the government gives a tacit nod and a wink to the massive, miserable sex trade.

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