Friday, June 13, 2008

Today's 2008 Euro Matches

Italy - Romania: 1 -1
The Netherlands - France: 4 -1
Saturday matches:
Sweden - Spain: 19.00 EET
Russia - Greece: 21.45 EET


Dirk Kuyt(l) headed the Dutch in front after only nine minutes!

1-0 Dirk Kuyt (9.)
2-0 Robin van Persie (59.)
2-1 Thierry Henry (71.)
3-1 Arjen Robben (72.)
4-1 Wesley Sneijder (90.+2)

This result marks the biggest ever defeat for France in European Championship finals. Their previous biggest reverse was a 2-0 loss against Czechoslovakia in 1960.

Holland's 4-1 victory is their second biggest ever at this tournament, following a 6-1 defeat of Yugoslavia in 2000. They have now won 16 European Championship matches, which equals Germany's record.

The Netherlands' second goal was their 50th in the competition, no other team has scored more European Championship goals.

France fielded their oldest starting line-up ever in this competition (average age: 30 years and 133 days).

Thierry Henry has now scored at three different European Championship tournaments and two World Cups. Only Jurgen Klinsmann has scored at more European Championship and World Cup tournaments combined (six).

Lisbon treaty rejected by the Irish

Only 50% of the 3 million registered Irish voters cast their votes yesterday in a referendum.
That makes 1.6 million. A majority, appr. of 53.3% of these 1.6 million people said no (840.000), and around 46.6% said yes (750.000). The total population of the EU countries is 490 million.
Sinn Fein (IRA), was the only political Irish party which supported the No-campaign.
A new headache for the EU.

The Lisbon treaty stands for:
-a long term presidency instead of rotating presidency by member countries;
-a more comprehensive and clear one foreign policy;
-more money for climate control by one European institution;
-more cooperation between member states regarding security and safety (crime and terrorism).

The Lisbon Treaty is there to create more effectiveness, more democratic rule and more transparency in decision making processes.

In mine opinion a political decision has not to make by civil services. And its ratified already by 18 member state countries.

Since Ireland became a member of the EU it received up to 40 billion Euros in subsidies and incentives. In fact, it gave the EU the two fingers.

A changing world

Some interesting news from around the world, which changes more quickly than we can comprehensive all the time:

China and Taiwan started talking with each other again; Semi-official talks between Taiwan and China in Beijing will see the two sides signing pacts on opening weekend charter flights and allowing mainland tourists to visit Taiwan.
Talks on other, more sensitive issues, such as pacts for peace and the protection of Taiwan investors, China's removal of missiles facing Taiwan and China allowing Taiwan to join international organizations, are expected to follow.
The dialogue in Beijing from June 11-14, which follows decades of tension fuelled by successive Taiwan presidents seeking independence for Taiwan, is aimed at paving the way for lasting peace.

Nepal abolished the monarchy; The world's last Hindu kingdom became its newest secular republic Wednesday as Nepal's lawmakers, led by former communist insurgents, abolished the monarchy that had reigned over this Himalayan land for 239 years.

Canada apologize to its native people for the sexual and physical abuse that occurred at the schools. For the efforts to wipe out aboriginal languages and culture in the name of assimilation, Mr. Harper Canada's Prime Minister expressed remorse.

And in Turkey...the 'internal war is still there' we speak with Ataturk: 'Peace at home, Peace in the world'....

Day Opening - June 13

The Alhambra, Grenada.