Sunday, June 8, 2008

Today's Euro 2008 matches

Austria - Croatia: 0 - 1
Germany - Poland: 2 - 0
Monday matches:
France - Romania: 18.45 EET
The Netherlands - Italy: 21.45 EET

Large earthquake in Greece

This afternoon Greece was hit by a earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5.
Seismologist said that the epicentre of this earthquake was Patras, where our co blogger Christos resides. Hope Christos is doing well. At least 2 people were killed and 25 people injured. The quake caused panic and buildings collapsed.

Who Speaks for Islam? How Your Voice Matters

Is there really a great divide in how Muslims think about some of the hottest issues of our day with how the west or people from other nations feel? Who Speaks for Islam is just that issue, and I'll be posting a series over the next couple of weeks about what I found out about this subject.

You'll find out what's fact and what's fiction from a billion Muslims. I invite you to weigh in on each post about how you think and feel. Read the first installment devoted to this one issue and learn what I did by attending: Who Speaks for Islam?

Day Opening - June 8

The plains of Umbria, Italy.
The summer rainstorm that drenched Assisi moves off,giving the setting sun reign over the plains of Assisi.