Monday, May 26, 2008

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Dinc's Turkish Invasion is added here. Dinc didn't invade only Moscow, but is busy to take Kiev as well. We follow him through the streets in the capital of the Ukraine.
I wrote several times about Bernard Bouwman's his book 'My Istanbul', he maintain a weblog too. Only in Dutch. This weblog is added on the chain as well.

Kamasutra Positions For IT People

We all know that geeks love their gadgets, but according to this funny illustration of love positions for IT People, maybe they love them a little too much…
The hilarious picture which is floating across the tech-loving blogosphere shows a young geek apparently trying to open his PC tower case depicted in 12 of those love making positions.
Whoever did this, it’s genius!

Day Opening - 26 May

Route 66, United States.