Friday, May 9, 2008

The Democratic Turkish socialistic CHP and their threats

This week I had my ‘monthly’ meeting with another blogger in Turkey, Super Hero.

All was fine, until we met on Taksim square where a demonstration was going of left wing party in Turkey; the ODP. Lots of policemen with their stenguns. Nothing serious happened, but I can not get used to this kind of threatening situations.

Other threats, which are made this week was done by the CHP against Joost Lagendijk, the co-chairman of the Turkey-EU Joint Parliamentary Commission, a fervent supporter of a Turkey in th EU:

Kemal Anadol, deputy leader of the CHP's parliamentary group, stated on Monday that the CHP's response would be very severe if the EU continued to attack his party (...)

Or this one:

"Turkey's greatest problem with the EU is the union's officials who make such comments about our country on behalf of the EU. Everybody should fully understand this. We are aware that there are problems in Turkey's relations with the EU, and the CHP strongly wishes to contribute to the solution of these problems," he noted.

And this all about the fact, that Joost Lagendijk stated last week, that the CHP is an embarrassment for the Socialistic International. The SI where the CHP is (still) part of.

The socialist movement is not my movement but they have something in common with the social liberal democrats where I belong to: an open civil and democratic society. And that's now the problem the CHP have. During their last congress only one candidate could be elected: Mr. Baykal. The same way as party leaders are elected in Zimbabwe, North Korea and Burma.

Cengiz Candar, one of the most prominent journalist in Turkey wrote in his last column:

Lagendijk, for instance, termed the Republican People’s Party (CHP) a “disaster” and said socialists and social democrats in Europe are ashamed of the party, during his speech at the 9 Eylül University in İzmir last week. Afterwards, the CHP spokesmen and behemoths of the media at his wavelength criticized Lagendijk for his “colony governor” like attitude and talked about putting this “foreign player” in his place.

Lagendijk quite contrarily ignored them all and said the CHP should do politics to resolve the issues of Turkey instead of throwing threats. Actually he said the following:
“Since the negotiation start of, everything in Turkey is our concern.
The CHP seems not understanding the EU membership process. If they don’t want the EU, they should be honest and say it.”
Lagendijk stated the obvious:
In fact, what Lagendijk did was nothing but “stating the obvious”. Yes, social democrats and socialists in Europe think of the CHP exactly as Lagendijk explained. The CHP is the member of the Socialist International but its deportation is at issue. Until today deportation was not brought into force because European socialists hesitate to lose influence over the CHP. Meaning, a tactical issue it is.
Besides, we shouldn’t forget that people such as Lagendijk and Rehn are fervent supporters of Turkey’s membership to EU. Their criticisms pointing out Turkey’s “weaknesses in democratization” are beneficial for both people in Turkey; they are also to secure Turkey’s EU bid.

Unless Turkey decides to break-up with the EU, there is no way to escape from EU’s “democracy check” on Turkey. We better jot this down and ask ourselves: What is “negative” here? Is the EU’s asking Turkey to obey rules of democracy or is it “our” attempt to skip the rules?

Note: When is the CHP giving 'up its guns'?

House Cafe Tea packinging (Istanbul)

House Café, one of Istanbul’s cool restaurants chains, wanted a unique design for their herbal health tea in order to appeal more to their hip, health-conscious customers. They commissioned ad agency TBWA who came up with this witty tea packaging.
The packets feature cut-out images at the end of each string depicting physically fit people doing outdoor sports. The string is used in such a way as to simulate the rope of bunjee jumping, rock climbing and other sports.

The promotion was so successful that although the tea bags were initially designed to be served exclusively at the café, there was a huge demand by the customers to buy the tea bags and take them home. Now, House Cafe is preparing to sell the tea bags at markets across Istanbul.
This is a great example of how thinking outside the box not only maintains the success of a company, but can also open new doors as well. Innovate!

source: trend hunter

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