Thursday, April 17, 2008

Benedict vs. Obama: POPE Parodies HOPE

ANIMAL has commissioned artist Michael Ian Weinfeld to create this limited edition “POPE” print of Benedict XVI.
The occasion? To commemorate Benedict’s first visit to New York City as Pontiff.
The print parodies the famous “HOPE” print for presidential hopeful Obama.
666 signed and numbered prints of this 16.25 x 24 inches Giclée on archival paper will be made. So hurry up! It sells for $99.

Pope Copyrights All of His "Divinely Inspired" Words

The new Pope is keeping up with the times… by copyrighting all of his divinely inspired prose.
Publishers will have to negotiate a levy of between 3 per cent and 5 per cent of the cover price of any book or publication “containing the Pope’s words”.
Those who infringe the copyright face legal action and a higher levy of 15 per cent. The Union of Italian Catholic Publishers and Booksellers said that it had not been consulted, and that the edict “flies in the face of what we do—spreading the Pope’s message to the world”.
A Vatican spokesman said that the Holy See had to defend itself against “pirated editions”. The move is also aimed at “premature publication”. Journalists accredited to the Vatican are handed papal texts under embargo. The Vatican said that if embargos were broken in future not only would the journalist face sanctions but also his or her publication would face legal action.

Day Opening - April 17

Laurel and Hardy.