Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to start a “constructive” dialogue with CHP in any subject

An ambassador from a Western Europe country, whom I met just before the Barroso luncheon, had told me how impossible it was to start a “constructive” dialogue with CHP in any subject.

During the time we spent with the EU officials, we once again realized that one of the main issues of Turkey is the “lack of democratic opposition”. The CHP at this point is way behind the government party which has been questioned for its flimsiness, whether or not its being democrat ever, or its understanding of democracy as well as its “sincerity.”

That leaves Turkey with unacceptable and nonsense choices alone regarding a government change in the country, such as “either AKP or military coup”.

From a leading civil society organization a representative sitting at our table “ironically” said, “The AKP's opponent in Turkey is the EU.” Given that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, at the beginning of his speech at the Turkey-EU Joint Consultation Committee meeting held in Istanbul Friday had a nerve to still “criticize” the EU, the observation above was right to the point.

This article sums up exactly what is going on in Turkey, in my opinion.
Talking with CHP members makes me tired. It looks you you are talking to a wall. And asking questions is in fact 'handling a jukebox'; you get always the same answer, doesn't matter whom you asked the question.
You can read Cengiz ÇANDAR his article here.

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