Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tibet? Does it exist?

So unless you live in isolation or just returned from an expedition to Alaska, you must know what is currently going on in Tibet.
To put in mildly, Tibetans had enough of their Chinese oppressors and demand independent. Apparently, China invaded Tibet 50 years ago and claim it as part of China.

It seems that Chinese always thought that Tibet is part of their country. However, Tibetans for some bizarre and unexplained reason never quite agreed with that claim. They must be bonkers. I mean, why wouldn't somebody want to be part of the great People's Republic of China? After all, China is such a democratic place where human rights take uppermost priority, NOT. And that's why they are demonstrating. And therefor the Dalai Lama is whispering words of wisdom..


Greenpeace wants you to know that “Everyone’s entitled to an opinion” and that you can voice yours at forum
In order to illustrate this, the campaign shows that even Bush is entitled to an opinion. Although the Bush’s opinions they show are a satirical jab at his environmental and global warming stance.
This includes brilliant ideas such as, “More flooding? More boat sales, better economy!”, “Less polar ice? Easier Arctic drilling, lower oil prices!”, and “rising sea levels? More lifeguards, less unemployment!”.
I shall miss him...

International Roma Day - April 8, the Forgotten people

Portrait of a Roma prisoner at Auschwitz, drawn by Czech-Jewish painter Dinah Gottliebova. Before being killed, Gottliebova was ordered by Dr Josef Mengele to paint portraits of Roma in order to define their “specific genetic characteristics”. A Forgotten People, a Terrible Ordeal, by Tom Gross, The Wall Street Journal.
It is estimated that between 200.000 and 800.000 Roma were killed in Nazi concentration camps.“
On the occasion of International Roma Day, April 8 - yesterday - the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) recalls that, to date, Roma remain the most deprived ethnic group of Europe. Across Europe, the fundamental rights of Roma are still being violated on a regular basis. Repetitious cases of racist violence and hate speech targeting Roma are reported frequently. Roma are also subject to discrimination in accessing employment, education, health care, and public and social services.”Read the full article
Not even a day of respect for Roma in Istanbul. Read here their stories.

Day Opening - April 9

Picture of my home town, Maarssen a/d Vecht (Vecht is a river)