Saturday, April 5, 2008

Out of touch?

I don't know how to read this but it sounds scary:

Chief of Staff Gen. Yaşar Büyükanıt says Islamist movements still threaten Turkey’s internal security, and emphasizes that the military is tasked by the Constitution with tackling internal security matters.

Key point in this: are the military forces still not under control by the Ministry of Defense to make such a statement. Who's in charge?

“Certain circles have always exploited religion since the foundation of the Turkish Republic. Reactionary forces continue anti-secular activities at home and abroad via legal institutions like associations and foundations,” said Gen. Yaşar Büyükanıt.

He is right in this: Erbakan its National View movement is active in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Mainly committing fraud. Two years ago some 20.000 Turkish investors lost all their money through a scam of Mili Gurus. But this is something which concerns these countries. The Turkish military cannot be an active partner in this! But his statement shows their activities in Europe.

Büyükanıt said the Turkish military is responsible for internal security, just like in any European country. “Providing internal security and homeland security are the military their duties, as defined by the Constitution,” Büyükanıt said.

The internal security in Europe is a task of the police, and always reports to the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Interior Affairs. Quite different. This is part of the Copenhagen Criteria.

The demands to secure ethnic identities under the Constitution aim to undermine the nation state. It goes without saying that the next target will be the unitary state,” he said.

In other words: in Turkey lives good Turks. And the Turks in the diaspora have the listen carefully to us: 'We can not divide the country'.

Büyükanıt noted that certain foreign-backed groups wanted to exploit Turkey's ethnic and religious structure.

Yep, another conspiracy theory comes out of the closet!

Commenting on external security, Büyükanıt said Turkey needs more power in European security institutions. “In the context of the participation in Europe's security and defense policy, the progress made regarding the Western European Union (WEU) [the EU's former security body] does not meet Turkey's expectations," he said. "Following the transfer of most of the WEU's powers to the European Union, some full members of the WEU have lost almost all their rights. The new participation methods recorded in the Nice Document are far from satisfying to Turkey,” Büyükanıt said, noting that Turkey now lacks the influence on the EU's security structure that it enjoyed 10 years ago.

The fear in Europe is that in fact the Turkish generals are making the decisions. And I can tell you one thing: Europeans hate militarization of a nation. Simply: we don't want retired Turkish generals in the EU parliament. The Turkish military are completely out of touch with the reality and European norms and values.

We will see.


Statutory rape in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, is on the rise, so much so, that the Family Violence Partnership hired Serve, an ad agency to create this shockvertisement.
The point the advertisement is trying to get across is that just because a girl has a body physically capable of sex, doesn’t mean her mind has developed to a stage where she’s ready for intercourse. There is nothing subtle about this campaign, and it is creating a huge amount of buzz.
It will be a good idea, if the AK party in Turkey - to "protect" their women - make a simular ad campaign!

Day Opening - April 5

Once upon a time in Italy...

...I had an amazing diner

Populair cartoons

These are some cartoons which are doing well among
Muslim communities.

Anti-Semitism? Never heard about that?
Jews? Yes, once...
Christians? Who are they?

These pictures are popular among Muslims in most Islam countries. Always saying that Zionism is the problem. I Think that anti-Judaism was born before Zionism. And that what kind of side you take in the Palestine/Israelian conflict, you have the personal responsibility what went wrong and what went right. You are not a spectator anymore...and don't be hypocriticaly the next time when a guy from the Netherlands makes a compilation of pics already proud presented by radical Islamists.