Monday, March 31, 2008

The EU and Turkey, its over...

Turkey's constitutional court has decided unanimously that it can hear a case aimed at closing down the country's governing AK Party.

And this will the headlines for Turkish political, social and business environment for the next 6 months. Will PM Erdogan and President Gull be accused and be hanged (like menderes in 1960)? Welcome to Turkey: country of tolerance and freedom of speech.

While Turkey already lost 5 billion USD of FDI (withdrawn in the last 2 weeks), the Turkish 'secularist', which they don't are in the true sense of secularism, are only worried about what is going on with their 'assets'. Not what will be going on in Turkey on the short-, mid- and long term. Its ideology first, ideology second, ideology third and far away the well being of the Turkish people. This can only be seen in a country with a 100.000% inflation rate: Zimbabwe.

Turkey's bid for EU membership is at risk, and on the short term: social and political instability will be a fact. The ultra conservative kemalist are keeping a carrot in front of the modern Turks, that their country heritage is in danger, only to scare them since these kemalist have the money and power to travel abroad: where their accounts are safe and saved. And while painting the 'West' as the great threat, they using this as a fact to keep themselves on line with the Europeans. Only, Europe will not fall into this trap.
Say farewell the EU membership. But I feel so sorry for the millions of Turks who worked their ass off.

Political Tape Ad - Silencing and being Taped

“The world needs a tape like this.” That’s the genius tag line of the new print ad campaign for Tesa tape.
Four of our recent “great” world leaders are featured with one of their pretty “smart” quotes (of which there is an abundance) with red Tesa tape used to tape their mouth shut. The campaign was created by Heads Propaganda ad agency, Curitiba, Brazil.

Here are the four featured quotes:

“Are you going to ask that question with shades on? For the viewers there’s no sun. George W. Bush, addressing a blind reporter during a press conference.”

“I am not a populist. I am a democrat. Hugo Chávez, rebutting criticism of the press.”

“Each one will give one’s best for a fairer country, for a poorer country. José Sócrates, Prime Minister of Portugal, addressing the Portuguese people.”
“I am the best political leader in Europe and the world. Silvio Berlusconi, former Prime Minister of Italy, during a press conference.”

Replace these pictures with all the Turkish party leaders and I am sure you will find a quote 'to be taped', except the LDP..) Must be a piece of cake for the Turkish advertising makers. Or are they taped by art 301, or because of lack of creativity?

Day Opening - March 31


Below; Vinho Verde.
Porto is one of the great wine capitals of the world.