Thursday, March 27, 2008


Since last week, little inspiration and being in a turnoil of personal events is keeping me down. Like "Carrie" from Sex and the City , I decided to go to a cafe and find some ideas. In this case I went to Haagen Daz.

After four blueberry muffins and six cups of tea. I still don't get it: is inspiration an idea or an emotion?

So I thought, maybe I will find some inspiration at a park. And I decided to go to the
Amsterdamse Bos. Some fresh air will definitely be good for me; to think.

After 30 minutes it started raining. Soaked like a wet dog, I went back to my car, looked up to the sky and I came to a very important conclusion; today I have to make a lot of decisions and all this didn't help me to get my inspiration back! I am cornered now, but still free.

Tomorrow probably, I will have back my common sense!

And If not: I still have my
writers block as an excuse.

Shockvertising: an idea for Istanbul?

Wickipedia defines Shock Advertising as “a form of advertising where social or moral boundaries are pushed in order to create buzz and controversy. It depends on the mantra “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” In the above example from the Brazil government, you can see that the definition of shock advertising is embraced: a pedestrian safety ad. A similar one can be used in Istanbul where as a pedestrian you sometimes have to run for your life...

Day Opening - March 27

"Tango in Paris" by Fabian Perez.