Sunday, February 24, 2008


The 'Turkey' Dustin will represent Ireland this year at the Eurovision song contest in Belgrado. Will "Turkey" now twice be represented in the finals in May..) Will Kosovo be represented as Belgrado...

Turkish blogs

The last few months were like a roller coaster. But everything turns out well.
Next week I will be in Greece. I am looking forward to it. And 6 weeks later to a party in Hungary. A couple of days on an island in the Donau, in the middle of Budapest.
More trips are planned, the usual business trips. But I hope to have a chance to see my friends in NYC and Miami this year.
I got an unusual offer from a company, regarding cross cultural consultancy and advertising in Turkey. Lets see. So many requests on my desk.
But one remark: discovered that almost all the blogs of Turks in Turkey are moderated; the English ones, except the one of Super Hero and the blogs of foreigners in Turkey. Why this fear? If I browse web blogs all over in Europe, North and South America, none of them are 'on moderation'. Its social media guys/girls, don't take your self to serious - take route 66 as we used to say about people who are so egocentric that they think the world turns around them. Not used to a good open debate?
I thought you all were brotha's and sista's? Sleep well!

Day Opening - February 24

Pictures by Tim Walker.