Friday, November 7, 2008

R.I.P. Turkey's Daily News

Turkey’s only one and independent Turkish Daily is embedded in Hurriyet, one of Turkey’s most read tabloid; a newspaper with no sound investigative journalism, but more based upon speculations and feed with populism and often running completely nonsense stories. Is this why so many people in Turkey are not informed at all? Today was the day: Hurriyet Dialy News replaced Turkish Daily News. And as bonus, the Chief Editor of Hurriyet – puppy of our dear friend Ayden Dogan (owner of several media outlets such as Hurriyet, Millyet and also TDN) wrote a column. Wow. Maybe lost in translation, but with this kind of crap, you cannot even finalize your high school in Europe: lack of syntaxes, ridiculous out liners and simple: it’s not a column but some ranting. Read here his idiotry...

And another bonus: a story about the fact that the EU and Nato are almost the same. This creepy fairy tail is doing well for so many years in Turkey but which is completely NONSENSE: Canada, Norway, Iceland, the USA etc. etc. etc. Are not in the EU and Sweden and Finland for example are not NATO members. Turkish politicians tried and tries so hard to confuse Europe but while blocking all kind of decision making processes Turkey is alienating itself from its allies: This sort of blocking everything makes Turkey’s friends in NATO nervous and this is not in Turkey’s interest either,” a French diplomat said.
In the mean while, TDN is not my home page anymore, back to Financial times.


Anonymous said...

I also 'discovered' this, now wait and see what's their next step...
Hurriyet is not my favorite news paper, and it looks now that TDN became some kind of English Hurriyet. Terrible

Nihal said...

Hans, TDN has never been my fave paper because of some logic reasons. When I see some articles you use to give as a reference having linked thru TDN, I did not want to give ya notice: respect for your freedom and wait till you drop. So good by now.