Sunday, February 24, 2008

Turkish blogs

The last few months were like a roller coaster. But everything turns out well.
Next week I will be in Greece. I am looking forward to it. And 6 weeks later to a party in Hungary. A couple of days on an island in the Donau, in the middle of Budapest.
More trips are planned, the usual business trips. But I hope to have a chance to see my friends in NYC and Miami this year.
I got an unusual offer from a company, regarding cross cultural consultancy and advertising in Turkey. Lets see. So many requests on my desk.
But one remark: discovered that almost all the blogs of Turks in Turkey are moderated; the English ones, except the one of Super Hero and the blogs of foreigners in Turkey. Why this fear? If I browse web blogs all over in Europe, North and South America, none of them are 'on moderation'. Its social media guys/girls, don't take your self to serious - take route 66 as we used to say about people who are so egocentric that they think the world turns around them. Not used to a good open debate?
I thought you all were brotha's and sista's? Sleep well!


Sincerae (means "Morningstar") said...

Have a great trip, Hans! :)

You answered your own question of why some of these Turkish blogs in English are moderated. The writers take themselves too seriously, fear, and also it is about self-glorification, hidden agendas, insecurity, and in some cases just plain old mental illness in some of the obsessive writing of the same topics over and over week by week, month by month. I really hope they can muster up courage and stop being a part of the problem with their narrow-mindedness. I know they feel trapped and are very worried for their country, but some of these bloggers care only about THEIR fate not about the average Turk who is humble, open, and decent.

Esra said...

Have a great trip in Greece dear Hans. Looks like it will be a busy year. :-)
Greetings from sunny Neuchatel.

Unknown said...

Thanks Esra, see you soon in Istanbul..))
Many trips ahead Sincerae: will visit the castle of Sissi nearby Budapest.
You understand that my favorite blogs in Turkey by Turks are: Erkan (informative) Me and Others (talented and honest) and Idil (irritating but talented..))
Turkey is reflected in the blogosphere by lack of debate and sustainable open society conducts..((

Anonymous said...

It's no fair that you get to travel around while i sit in Des Moines, Iowa, during the worst winter in recent history. At least I have managed a Turkish connection here; Yes, I lie not.

I expect to see something on your blog which will inspire the best of the die-hards and promote great dialogue. I am girding up for it too! Iyi yolculuklar, arkadasim!

Gulay said...

I find your generalisations about why turkish blogs tend to be moderated a bit insulting, I do not allow anonymous comments in an attempt to know who I am talking to and help stop idiots posting huge tracts of meaningless gibberish and it has nothing to do with resticting debate, fear, insecurity or having an ego, I happen to believe if you have something to say you should put your name to it

Sincerae (means "Morningstar") said...


If you are referring to my comments, WELL, I have never bothered to read your blog. We African-Americans are usually said to be sensitive, but it seems some Turks must be our kin.

Wow! Life is too short to take everything as an insult and to be constantly on the defensive. Such thinking shortens the life span. But I guess again I had better watch what I say...

Sincerae (means "Morningstar") said...

Anyway my blog is welcome to all which published writer Karen Tintori has praised to me in a e-mail:

I prefer not to moderate because my blog is on the web and ALL people are welcomed. They do not have to agree with we either. I just ask that no profanity is used. Call me Victorian if you like. It is OK. However, as time goes own I will devote less and less time to blogs, ie. commenting and writing, because of lack of time and my desire to make writing a part of my career. If I made any comment here to offend anyone, then truly I am sorry. I have my opinions and I always feel free to express them. Also if someone has a personal conflict with me, my e-mail is on my blog. Write to me and I will be more than happy to explain myself.

Unknown said...

Dear Gulay,
Most of the Turkish blogs are moderated. Which means: censored.
What's wrong with that, pointing out this issue i.e. conflict?
I still ponder why the EU 'must' accept Turkey in there.
A country which violate human thoughts, is like the country described in 1984.

Gulay said...

sincerae, so the average Turk is humble blah blah....what complete and utter bullshit. I have read many of your comments and I find them laughable and generally badly misinformed about your average Turk. and before you say well how would you know as an Amerikan Turk well I lived the first 32 years of my life in Istanbul and only recently moved to the US...

Hans there is nothing wrong with pointing thngs out like we all do but I also made a point which no-one bothered to answer, presumably beacause your opionions are pre-formed. EU can choose whether or not to accpet Turkey just as Turkey can decide whether or not to accept the EU, remember this is not a one way street. Given the use of Articale 301 can you blame Turks blogging in English about moderating a former employee of MIT I can recommed this approach....

Unknown said...

Gulay, can it be that my opinions are not pre formed, but that the TR education system produce pre formed minds? Which accuse everybody who disagree as 'anti-turk"?
Anonym comments, I don't mind, as long as it not incite hatred towards others. Personal attacks against me, I don't give a damm shit what people think about me. Ask my wife..)